SellerDash FAQ

Getting started with SellerDash #

Use the options below to find out what SellerDash is, how it works, and some basic processes to follow.

Simply, SellerDash has been designed as the ultimate eBay seller dashboard, incorporating

  • eBay Messages
  • Detailed sales data
  • Detailed Listing data
  • Detailed customer data
  • Detailed traffic data (by account, and by Listing)
  • Detailed eBay fee data
  • Detailed Feedback data

With all of your account data, you can sort and filter by just about any attribute, giving you unparalleled insights into your eBay business.

Setting up a free trial account is easy, just click here!

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How do I get started? #

Getting started is easy, and only takes 60 seconds.

To use SellerDash you need

  • an eBay store/shop subscription (see here for more details > AU, US, UK, DE)
  • an active eBay account (we support all world markets and currencies)

When you start a free trial, you will be prompted to create a login, then taken to a Profile page in our website.

You can add your eBay store which is a simple process.

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Importing Data #

We import data automatically, continuously. In fact most of our processes are so fast that new orders will appear in seconds, right in front of your eyes.

You should never have to ask us to import data, but you can check your data import process (and last update time) on the Settings > Import Status page.

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How to use SellerDash #

Use the menu to the left for information on how to use SellerDash to get the most out of it.

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Using Traffic Reports info #

The Traffic section of SellerDash has up to date traffic information for your listings.

At the top of the page you can choose to compare different time periods

This will update the data shown in the grid for all products.

Data is shown with green and red arrows to indicate growth or decline in a metric over the time period selected.

eBay Listing Traffic Data Comparison

As with our other sections you can use the grid filters to sort and filter all results.

Clicking on an item will open the Item Listing detail page. To see more of this page, click here

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Pricing #

SellerDash Pricing

All plans have a free trial, with no payment details required.




* When eBay accounts are connected we sync data as far back as we can (usually around 3 months) and from then on we keep your historical data.

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Frequently Asked Questions #

How Much is SellerDash? #

SellerDash is currently in Free Beta.

You can sign up here for access.

Sometime after launch (and we have ironed out a few bugs!) we will implement competitive pricing.

Our pricing page is available here.

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What eCommerce platforms does SellerDash integrate with? #

At the moment we only integrate with eBay, although we are looking at future expansion with other platform integrations, such as Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, Magento, WooCommerce and more.

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How many eBay accounts can I connect? #

You can connect as many eBay accounts as you like.

To add more accounts, go to Settings > Stores and click the Add A Store button.

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Why is my Traffic Data a few days behind? #

We use the eBay Traffic API to retrieve traffic data for your store listings. eBay data is always a few days behind though, so in your overall traffic graph you will be missing the last 2-4 days of data.

Also note that the traffic (views) in the Listings section of SellerDash may be slightly different to the View data in the Traffic grid too. This data comes from 2 different eBay APIs and does not seem to match up exactly. It should give you a good baseline to work from however, when analysing your listing performance.

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