How to export eBay sales data

Exporting your eBay sales data is easy with SellerDash. We always recommend exporting data so you have a record of it, and based on the country you live in it is often a requirement to keep transaction data for a certain period of time.

To export data we are going to use the SellerDash Sales grid.

Firstly, log in to your SellerDash account (don’t have one? start a Free Trial here).

Then click on the Sales tab to access your sales data:


This will load the eBay Sales data grid.

This grid shows all of the eBay sales you have made on your selected account since we started importing it.

Each column can be sorted or filtered by entering a value in the column heading filters. And you will notice the summary data at the top of the page will update dynamically too.

eBay Sales Data Grid

So change the date range of the eBay orders you want to export, simply enter a ‘From’ and a ‘To’ date in the ‘Sold’ column. This will instantly update the Sales Order grid with sales records from that date range.

After you have selected the range of orders that you want to export, click the “Export Data” button at the top of the grid. You can choose to export just eBay Orders, or eBay Orders + Items. Each file differs a little in format.

All of your eBay sales will then be exported in a CSV file that you can load into any spreadsheet editor.

And that is all there is to it.

Note as well that SellerDash doesn’t delete your eBay sales data after 3 months. We hold on to it, so you can look back in a year’s time at previous year’s sales.

Another great reason to start a Free Trial!